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Some people say Blue and Onray went to a better place but in my eyes the better place is here with meJim D.

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Blue Born on Feburary 5, 2001 and passed away on April 14, 2014. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Blue is a Aussie Healer mixed breed dog (Australian Shepard and Queensland Healer). Blue was a people dog that craved any attention she could get and she never failed to put a big smile on peoples faces. She was very intelligent and protective of her home.

Blue was 4 months old when she first became part of our family. Blue was acquired from a dog shelter as a puppy and she required someone to pick her up and play with her about every hour or so. Blue was a very energetic dog and if your face wasn't licked several times when you were close to her there was something wrong.

Blue grew up and lived all her life with her dog brother named "Onray".  Blue was bread as a ranch dog so she had the habit of always tugging on Onrays legs and grabbing Onrays leash when onray was on the leash and pulling him wherever she could pull him. Of coarse Onray would snap at Blue and Blue would back off. Other than this Blue and Onray were good with each other and played with each other constantly throughout the years every day making me laugh until of coarse they grew old and the playfulness went away. Onray at the time of this memorial is 14 1/2 and still going but stopped playing 2 years ago. Blue was 13 1/2 when she passed away and lost her playfulness at the age of 11.

Onray, Blues brother was born 11-25-1999 and passed away 10-16-2014

Onray is a Shih Tzu with some spirit born Nov. 25 1999. Onray liked his backed scratched constantly and to play with Blue. When Onray was young he used to tear through the house like a speeding bullet. Onray has always barked constantly from the time he was born up to the last full day of his life. The day before Onray passed away he was still barking. Onray had his old age problems and counldn't move the last week of his life but his barking was the roar of the household until the day his problems became so serious he had to be taken to the vet.

We miss ol Onray. Onray and Blue always kept things lively and were both loyal to the family they were apart of.

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